Security First


Business continuity and security is by design not by guesswork or accident.


Current Projects - Private - Fee based:

  • System review as part of a procurement exercise
  • Penetration tools review
  • Firewalls - EAL compliance testing
  • Process Re-engineering assignment
  • RFID security - risk analysis
  • Penetration testing assignment
  • Security project setup
Current Projects - Public - Pro Bono:

Current Projects - Private - Pro Bono:
  • Charity organisation system protection review - Private Project

Through the specification, deployment and maintenance of effective technology and systems of work:

We promote and develop good practise

We help businesses meet critical goals

We give advice to our clients on the best methods of avoiding downtime and/or malicious attack by protecting against harmful events and trying to reduce the impacts of such events

We advise on how "systems of work" may be improved

We highlight areas of poor practise within an enterprise

As such we aim to help:

  • protect and enhance production capability
  • protect system integrity
  • protect data integrity
  • protect reputation
  • provide for system/business continuity

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